Lapponia jewelry : the designer Björn Wekström

Bjorn Weckstrom is the leading designer of lapponia jewelry.
I have had the pleasure to meet Björn Weckström several times in my life.

And each and every time we spend hours talking about metals,art,design,sculpturesand sailing because sailing is also a big passion in his life.

This man revolutionised the concept of jewelry in the 60´s.
Björn designed sculptered jewels in the inspiration of the nordic nature .
Ice and the frozen lakes of Finland gave him the inspiration for silver metals.

Silver ring with white and crystal
The matte surface of the gold nuggets of Finnish Lapland he used as inspirations for gold pieces.
Another big inspiration for björn has always been the cosmos and planets in his designs, for example the jewels planetriska dalar
meaning the planetary valleys, this jewel was in Star Wars, a motion picture from 1979, if you look at the end of the film as princess lea gives the medals away for
luck,to han and chewbacka she is wearing a neckless and bracelet that björn has designed.

Silver Collier
In all of his jewels and sculptures you can see and feel the striving for perfection with different materials and ground breaking with an edge to it.
Björn Wekström has won many awards as a distinguised designer
.He was never afraid of using materials like acrylic and gold or silver together and he has even used fur.
He was the first who ever did this.
In finland there are 2 stamps with his jewels on .
,and if you come to helsinki there are some of his sculptures displayed in the city,
and a grand exhibition in a museum in the North of Finland of his art and designs.

Gold necklace with citrin designed by Bjorn Weckström


Always with glam,


Charlotte xx



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